Happy Birthday Ma :)

Leading from the front, always!

Happy Birthday Ma 🙂

This Birthday coincides with the world celebrating #MuseumWeek where through the week there is a different theme for each day – you are perfect for each 🙂

DSC_0252For those who are not aware, Ma is a Museologist, with a doctoral degree in Mughal carpets. She is also a musician, trained in Rabindra Sangeet under the one and only Suchitra Mitra.

Armed with her Geetabitan in the face of every adversity, Ma has withstood a lot of pain and suffering in life.

Having lost her father, Dr Murari Mohan DeSarkar, at 6, she was brought up by her maternal Ghosh family that alternated between affection and living their intellectual ideals – not ideal for a child. But her mother, Gauri, an extremely focussed and headstrong woman, did not deter from educating this child her way – which including secretly providing for her music lessons.

DSC_0077Her maternal grandfather was the erudite Kalicharan Ghosh, freedom fighter and author of ‘Famines in Bengal’ among his other writings. This intensely researched work also motivated economist Amartya Sen to be in the field that he leads today. This is probably where she gets her revolutionary streak from.

After all, teaching little children from the poor hutments in Jaipur and Santiniketan for the last 25 years is no mean feat!

The class teacher of 2nd standard and the History and English teacher of the primary sections of the Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ Public School, and later the Keeper, Textile Section, City Palace Museum, Jaipur, Ma has many feathers to her cap. The latest being a book on Indian Textiles in Bengali.

Photographed by Baba ❤

I write because of you, for you Ma 🙂


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