ArtEast articles: special issue on Museums

Scan 01I am attaching 3 articles written for ArtEast, a contemporary art journal by the eminent artist Jogen Choudhary, as an extension of his initiative ArtEast.
This special issue focuses on Museums. He was very keen to create an awareness on the dynamism in the Museum world, and its impact and need in India.
I was honoured to be requested by Jogenda to contribute 3 articles – giving me the opportunity of writing for the first time in an international journal.
My articles focus on the highly debated challenges like Access, Inclusion, Interpretation, Digitisation, Outreach and how Museums like the newly opened Bihar Museum is reaching out to these and responding accordingly.
The first article was:

The second article was on the Origin of the Museum Movement in India, tracing the timeline of Museums, including the Archaeological and Private ones. The royal families of Baroda and Udaipur started Museums even before Independence in 1947:


The third article was one of the most important projects I have worked on – the Bihar Museum.   A short glimpse of the project and Museum very close to my heart ❤ :


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