2018 New Year card

Do you want to sense your existence, dance with the colours, laugh with the ripples, design the moment and live some more?

In 2018, VarnikaDesigns launches #projectinterpret – a multi sensory, cultural, interactive space that attempts to seek ways to know ourselves, appreciate our histories and our people, and interpret ourselves in this extremely dynamic and temporal world.

#projectinterpret welcomes those with high levels of curiosity, ready to think beyond boundaries and treasure the capacity for time travel as pilots of the project. The #projectinterpretpilots will travel in missions to uncharted territories, unearth mysteries, excavate stories, deconstruct narratives, and interpret them.

If you think you have it in you to be a #projectinterpretpilot then watch out…The #projectinterpretmission details will be gradually disclosed over the year.





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